Tift Regional Medical Center

Job Description

The Patient Representative serves as liaison

between patient and hospital staff. Assists patients in interpreting hospital

policies, procedures, and services, and in obtaining solutions to problems

and concerns. Assist staff in gaining awareness of patients' perceptions of

the hospital experience. Assist administration in developing goals,

objectives and standards for position of Patient Representative.

II. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: Must be able to work with patients under a wide variety of situations and circumstances. Must be familiar with medical terminology. Must be dependable; exhibit professionalism; have integrity; be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; possess problem solving skills; demonstrate an excellent level of patient care deliver; possess knowledge to interpret and follow instructions; able to relate to various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds; accept alternatives to the usually accepted norms without being judgmental; be in good general health; possess audio and visual acuity to detect change in patient's condition; complete pre-employment and annual physical requirements (including alcohol and drug screens).

III. WORKING CONDITIONS: Requires walking, sitting, and standing. Possible exposure to communicable disease, verbal or physical abuse, radiation or hazardous materials. Possible professional liability due to current public consciousness.

IV. QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS or equivalent in communications, social sciences, or nursing preferred. Sufficient previous experience in hospital environment. Knowledge of patient care and patient problems. Excellent human relations and oral/written communications skills.

V. RESPONSIBILITIES: Provides business services to infant, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Interacts with visitors, family members, physicians, hospital personnel and outside agencies. Adheres to TRMC Compliance Program, Code of Conduct and TRMC policies and procedures, HIPAA Privacy and Security Initiatives.

FUNCTION I: Serves as liaison between patient, hospital staff, and Auxiliary.

Employment Type

Part Time