Tift Regional Medical Center

Job Description

Responsible for watching patient's heart rates and reporting changes to the nursing staff and/or physician. Use telemetry equipment to view patients' heart rates and review medical records to determine normal heart rhythm and any variances.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: Be dependable, exhibit professionalism, have integrity, and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Possess good judgment in determining when to respond to inquiries or refer questions to others, have organizational skills, adapt to changes, and ability to set priorities. Must be pleasant, congenial and project a good impression of the unit to the general public, patients, and their families. Ability to handle stress.

Qualifications: High School graduate or equivalent ; hospital or nursing home experience or CNA or Medical Assistant certification , able to perform CPR, must have the ability to handle and operate equipment required; must complete annual competency requirements with score of 90 or greater.

Employment Type

Full Time