Tift Regional Medical Center

Job Description

The Physical Therapist performs physical therapy evaluations, treatments, and documentation requirements in accordance with professional standard. The Physical Therapist also participates in other departmental duties and activities as needed.

II. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

The Physical Therapist must be competent in the following areas: administrative and leadership skills; interpersonal skills with staff, patients, and families; computer skills; dependability; professionalism and integrity; effective communication in the spoken and written word; and knowledge to interpret and follow instructions. The Physical Therapist must be in good general health and be able to lift/move patients; relate to various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds; relate to alternatives of societal norms without being judgmental; and possess audio and visual acuity to detect change in patient's condition. The Physical Therapist will complete pre-employment and annual physical requirements (including alcohol and drug screens).

III. Working Conditions:

The Physical Therapist will work in a health care environment performing physical therapy tasks. The Physical Therapist will also be subject to the following; personal injury; communicable diseases and infections; radiation or hazardous materials; cuts, punctures, and electrical shock; high stress levels; disagreeable odors; and needles and sharp objects. The Physical Therapist must be able to lift/move patients ranging in age and size from birth to geriatrics.

IV. Qualifications:

The Physical Therapist will possess a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited program and must hold a current Georgia license as a Physical Therapist. The Physical Therapist will also possess the following: current CPR certification; and education in growth and development from birth to geriatric.

V. Responsibilities:

The Physical Therapist is responsible for ensuring all patients receive the best in physical therapy services. The Physical Therapist must also adhere to the following responsibilities: ability to relate and communicate with patients, family members, hospital employees, physicians, and visitors; practice infection control precautions; adhere to safety policies and procedures; attend mandatory in-services; maintain helpful, caring attitudes that are perceived as courteous and cheerful; adhere to TRMC Compliance Program, Code of Conduct and TRMC Policies and Procedures, and HIPAA Privacy and Security Initiatives.

Employment Type

Full Time